KATSU HEROcopyright © wearemorse & harom.studio 2020 — Two food suppliers, Nice to Meat and YAMA Foodshop started a campaign to support young talents and promote their main products: wagyu meat and other Japanese ingredients what are they trading.

Together with wearemorse we dived the into a professional look and created a full package of graphics design: creative, logo and other social media options to share.

Genre: identity, poster design, social contents

Art direction by wearemorse
3d interior by marcell gulyas

        TYPOZONE 2020copyright © marciborbas 2020 — Posters in the theme of illusion and fiction.

Genre: poster design, typography

        László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant 2020 — HDCcopyright © Hungarian Design Council 2020 mome — The László Moholy-Nagy Grant awarded for the 31st time this year. It had enabled numerous young designers to deepen their knowledge in their respective fields, realise their ambitions, innovative ideas and experimental projects.  It was a honour to design the grant's annual identity this year.

Typeface: Mohol by @hungarumlaut

Genre: identity design, poster design, design call

      Made in MOME 2017MOMEcopyright © text and design 2018 MOME — ISSN 1789-4530 — It’s a publication collecting all the events, awards and achievements at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in the year of 2017.

typeface: Westeinde Caption by @hungarumlaut  and TIALZ

Genre: editorial design, layout design, typography       
Photos: Bendeguz Csizmadia

      LXL121212 — Lettering for Lexcellence Community Lane and Regulatory Consulting. The lettering functions as the label for their annually produced craft beer, which is handed out to their clients as a gift.

Genre: craft beer label, lettering

        EROTER copyright © text and design 2018 harom.studio — Brand new visual identity for EROTER. 

Genre: identity, logo design, textil design

        Design Management Award  2019 - concept  DMDcopyright © design 2019 MFT — New visual identity concept for DMD (Hungarian Design Management Awards). The visual identity is based on responsive lettering.
The dynamic letter can scale both horizontally and vertically, creating a flexible and adaptive visual language.

Genre: responsive typography, identity, redesign

        TIALZ copyright © marciborbas — The diploma work reinterprets the concept of the initial and its typographical function in a contemporary environment. The layered structure creates a system based on fourteen formal modules that can be freely customised. The formal attributes of all the 14 modules can be associated with different communicational characters. The inner structures of the letters andtheir relationship with the text were inspired by the graduate’s historical research about initials. Users are free to customise and / or generate their own set of characters, thus becoming part of the creative process.

Genre: experimental typography, layer typeface
Photos: Kevin Harald Campean
        Totem Tribe
  — copyright © dürer-kert — An identity and a series of psychedelic illustrations made for the promoter Totem Tribe and their concerts at Durer-Kert, Budapest.

Genre: identity, illustration, poster design

       Report of Hungarian Design Council — copyright design and text © HDC — Publication made for the Hungarian Design Council. It’s an annually issued publication showcasing events and award winning works in the year of 2018.

Genre: cover design, editorial design, layout  design
Photos: Bendeguz Csizmadia

        Budapest Stock Exchange  — copyright © mome — It was an invitational competition organised by MOME and BET. The purpose of the competition was to refresh the visual identity of BET for its 30th anniversary. We were asked to incorporate the number ‘30’ in the new identity. I re-used the basic shape of the old logo as the ‘0’, which becomes a dynamic, scaleable element of the identity.

Genre: identity, logo design

        Graphic Design Year Book (GD) — MOME — copyright © text and design 2018 mome — This book is a collection of works made by students at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. We curated the works and designed the layout of the book.

Genre: editorial design, layout design, typography
Photos: Bendeguz Csizmadia

        Kisteremcopyright © harom.studio — New brand identity created for Kisterem Gallery in Budapest. I designed a custom variable font for a flexible and dynamic identity.

Genre: identity design, experimental typography

        36daysoftype copyright © marciborbas —  Participated in the 36daysoftype challenge last year. Here are some details.

Genre: experimental typography

      Fingers Crossed copyright © marciborbas — Identity and poster design for Finger Scrossed (Dürer kert).

Genre: identity, poster design, illustration

    Mural concept of Dürer Kert — copyright © harom.studio 2019 — Mural concept for Dürer Kert

Genre: murial, typography, illustration     
Collab with Marcell Gulyás

        DORKA type — copyright © marciborbas — DORKA lettering just for fun,  based on the legendary castle-building game from my childhood.

Genre: typography