Food Reporter

FoodReporter is the most significant multimedia-based chef community in the Netherlands. It builds its community through video content and events that focus on the high-end gastronomic segment. Using report films and documentary movies, it showcases domestic and international trends, events, and young talents and masters.

The brand new identity was inspired by a triple goal. FoodReporter aimed to create a video-on-demand system similar to Netflix that could be accessed via TV and Apps. Additionally, the launch of several new series required a unified identity, and the project owner, Bidfood, needed a legally protected logo.

To create the new identity, we took the simple plate motif from the original design and supplemented it with icons associated with smaller sub-brands. After undergoing a strict legal procedure, we were able to incorporate a legally defensible microphone icon as the main icon.

client: Bidfood, wearemorse

genre: identity and social media design

Our vision for the new FoodReporter identity included a dynamic graphic system that would seamlessly incorporate the various series and movies into the overall design. We aimed to create a flexible design that could accommodate the diverse range of content produced by FoodReporter.

To achieve this, we developed unique layouts for the independent FoodReporter films that showcased the breadth and depth of the gastronomic world. These layouts were designed to be visually striking and engaging, drawing the viewer in and creating an immersive experience.

We also wanted to create a contemporary style and feel for the brand that would be especially effective on social media. To accomplish this, we made use of a radical approach to colour and form, incorporating bold and vibrant colours with striking shapes and patterns.

Overall, our goal was to create a design that was both dynamic and adaptable, reflecting the unique vision and mission of FoodReporter while also engaging and captivating its audience.