TIALZ - alternative layer typeface

The diploma work is an innovative reinterpretation of the concept of initials and their typographical function in today's contemporary design environment. The project consists of a layered system based on fourteen formal modules that can be freely customized. Each module has its own formal attributes that can be associated with different communicational characters, providing designers with endless possibilities for creative expression. The project is based on the graduate's historical research about initials and their inner structures, and this knowledge is applied to create a unique and versatile system.

client: MOME

Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem

press: MPB Hungary
photos : Harald Campean Kevin
supervisor: Vargha Balázs
consultant: Balla Dóra
consultant: Katyi Ádám (Hungarumlaut)

One of the most exciting features of the project is the ability for users to customize and generate their own set of characters. This means that designers are not only able to work within the established system, but also have the freedom to create and add to it, thus becoming part of the creative process. The result is a dynamic and flexible typographical system that can be adapted to various contexts and purposes. The project represents a fresh take on an age-old typographical concept, demonstrating how historical research can inspire innovative and contemporary design solutions.

User interface of typeface:

OTF/TTF font collections come with a special Adobe Plug in (compatible with InDesign, Illustrator)
protowebsite, where the user can create his own font collection and download/buy the TIALZ typeface.

These developments are in progress at the moment.