The Built Heritage of Veszprém

The diverse architectural heritage of Veszprém is unique not only in Hungary but in all of Europe! Our thousand-year-old city's buildings, streets, and squares serve as witnesses to the secrets and memories of old Veszprém. The representative volume published by Artem Books introduces the landmarks of Veszprém, guiding the reader from the ancient history of our city to the first half of the 20th century. It summarizes the history of the city's development and construction, making it even more vivid with presentations of twenty-three prestigious buildings.

Editor: Melinda Mártonffy © 
Authors: Attila Brunner, Anna Sipos Writings: Early History of Veszprém – The Era of Reconstruction, 18th Century: Attila Brunner; First Half of the 19th Century – Second Half of the 19th Century: Anna Sipos Prominent Buildings: Attila Brunner (AB), Anna Sipos (AS)

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This book presents legendary buildings that many of us see every day, structures we pass by regularly, yet may not know their fascinating history and fate because in our daily lives, we primarily inhabit and use them. An outstanding virtue of Artem Books' publication is that it comprehensibly examines and reveals in what wonderful values are hidden behind the walls of our streets, squares, and buildings.

This richly illustrated volume also contributes to ensuring that in the future, we not only live in our city and use our buildings but also get to know them as thoroughly as possible. As the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2023, we would like to share with readers interested in Veszprém all the beauty and goodness that our predecessors have dreamed into stone and brick for centuries, creating one of Hungary's most beautiful cities!

I warmly recommend Artem Books' thorough, detailed, and precise work to anyone's bookshelf who, beyond Veszprém's unique architectural heritage, wants to capture the enchanting atmosphere, delightful colors, and forms of our city, along with the history of our temples and houses!