A 128-pages overview on the Hungarian extreme music's underground between 2000 and 2019. The book tried to sum up and define the top 100 most important local releases that ignited, inspired and will-to-resist of the underground community by its sub-genres without any serious commercial breakthroughs.

client: Bali Dávid
copyright © david bali
publisher: Hangőr Egyesület & Empiremerch
written by david bali

genre: art direction & editorial design
photos by bendeguz csizmadia

Hardcore/punk, crust/grind, death metal, black metal, doom metal, sludge, stoner rock, metalcore and local interpretations of screamo or post-rock are also appearing in this selection of unsung, maybe forgotten yet inspiring tastemakers of their generations. If the diversity of rock music was built to resist against general oppression by any ruling parties, kisterem (it means 'small hall', defining the space where these bands could have played when they released their featured albums) sets the main narrative about the generational transition in the age when digital noise became bigger than ever.

The book has been sold out in 23 hours with two unforeseen reprints in the pre-order phase, and the first edition became unavailable before the release date. An e-book format is in the making to make the book generally available for those who curious about the way how the Hungarian extreme music's underground was able to defend it's independence through re-defining its will to build an ever-renewing community.