A beer label has been designed for Lexcellence Community Lane and Regulatory Consulting Ltd, featuring a craft beer called '13'. The name has been chosen in honor of Lexcellence's 13th anniversary since its establishment, as well as the significance of the number 13 as a ‘lucky symbol’ in the universe, much like the previous year and a black cat.

client: Lexcellence Ltd.

genre: beer label 

typeface GT Super Display by Grilly Type
photos by bendeguz csizmadia

The choice of '13' as the name of the craft beer is quite unique and interesting. It is an unconventional choice, given that most craft beers tend to have more descriptive and imaginative names that reflect the flavor or aroma of the beer. However, in this case, the name '13' not only signifies the company's anniversary but also serves as a symbolic representat the bad luck and the vibe of the first lockdown.